Conference Center ›

The Conference Center provides a most flexible space for varied purposes. Used in its full size for large conferences or meetings, it can accommodate up to 250 people. It also may be divided into three separate rooms for small groups of up to 80 people in each section.


Meeting Rooms ›

Several rooms which can accommodate 50-60 people are available with round tables. The Upper Room is arranged in conference style (not shown). Also, a small library may be used for a meeting of 8 to 12 people.



A large commercial kitchen is available to accommodate groups that provide their own cooking teams and food.


Dining Room

The scenic mountain view which envelops the Dining Room adds much pleasure to fine dining. This room, in full size, accommodates approximately 125 persons. This space may be divided into two separate rooms by means of a folding door. Each of these rooms accommodates 50 – 60 persons for dining.

Additional Facilities

Chapel ›

A Beautiful Chapel in the round with seating capacity for 125 people. See More

Sleeping Rooms ›

Four dormitory-style sleeping rooms will accommodate up to 75 people. Each dormitory quadrant has bathroom and shower facilities. Please see our Use Guidelines for detailed information.

Private Room

Six private Retreat Room to accommodate couples or singles.


Large room for gatherings or registration is available off the Main Dining Room.