Christ Child Society of Phoenix

The Christ Child Society of Phoenix is one of Mt. Claret’s long time “tenants.” Their history dates back to their formation around 1985. Their presence at Mt. Claret can be traced to Msgr. John McMahon who was their spiritual advisor. Msgr McMahon invited the Christ Child Society to Mt. Claret when their needs for a workspace outgrew their accommodations. Now the chapter has a large work and meeting space that is a center of activity for the chapter!

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Mt. Claret Advisory Council creates 3 year Pastoral Plan

Members of Mt. Claret’s Advisory Council met for a two day planning exercise to create a 3 year pastoral (strategic) plan for the retreat center. The Advisory Council was led through this process by Caryn Meron who formerly worked for the Diocese as Director of Planning and Training. Caryn is uniquely gifted in leading organizations through these exercises and ensures a positive outcome! For Mt. Claret’s exercise, the Advisory Council finalized four key goals, as listed above. Each goal has an assigned member of the Advisory Council who is assigned the task of working through the goal and its objectives along with Mt. Claret staff.

1. Strengthen Development/Fundraising
2. Increase Financial Stability
3. Recruit Retired Priests
4. Implement Facility Master Plan/IT

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Dear Friends in Christ,

Welcome to Mount Claret!

Throughout the Gospels we see the Lord Jesus repeatedly call the disciples to step away to a quiet place where they can be sustained by prayer. In fact, he even tells one of His followers that such time spent with him “is the only necessary thing.” Our Lord still desires to spend time with us. After having entered into union with Him by way of our Baptism, we are continually invited by God to grow in knowledge and love with him. Such a profound relationship requires time away from the busyness of our lives when we allow Him to renew us in His love.

Here at the base of Camelback Mountain, Mount Claret Retreat Center provides a true sanctuary where the faithful can step away and attend to the only necessary thing: time spent with the Lord. The center is especially fitting for meetings and retreats for all types of groups and organizations such as parish communities and staff, elementary and high school students and faculty and youth groups. Mount Claret is also the home of Cursillo Retreats, Christ Child Society, Knights & Dames of Malta and many more..

Please feel free to contact us at (602) 840-5066 for further details and to learn how we can make your event both professional and spiritual. We would be honored to extend our hospitality to your parish or group.

Come, let us climb the Lord’s Mountain…that He may instruct us…in His ways and we may walk in His path
—Isaiah 2:3


Mount Claret is a sacred place nestled at the base of Camelback Mountain, operates as a Catholic Retreat Center, serving the entire Diocese of Phoenix. Located in Phoenix on 54th Street, just north of Camelback Road, the Center is situated on 15 acres of beautiful Sonoran desert landscape framed by the majestic mountain.  This truly awesome sight beckons visitors to reconnect with the Lord in prayer and reflection. Mount Claret provides an ideal location for a parish, school or Catholic organization’s meetings and retreats.