March Chapel Update

As of this writing, we are about 11 weeks into the Chapel renewal project and starting to see it take shape.

In early February we began the laying of the concrete block for the expansion portion - the narthex, Sacristy and restrooms. The inside of the Chapel is gutted and ready for the new electrical and ducting work in preparation for the heating and air conditioning systems.

The new pews have been ordered from Marshall Company, a group who specializes in pews and church furniture. They are mitered to allow them to conform to the chapel shape, and will fit 135 people. The interior artwork and woodwork is continuing to be developed. This will be in keeping with the Southwestern mission style.

Our current estimation for completion is towards the end of June. The goal is to get enough of the interior construction and finishing complete so we can resume saying Mass in the Chapel. Some of the detailed artwork will be completed over time.

Our fundraising is doing well. We are just over one year into our three year campaign and we have received a good portion of our total pledges! We do have some specific naming opportunities remaining available. These gifts will be recognized on a plaque in the Narthex of the Chapel.

  • Narthex - $250,000
  • Bell Tower - $150,000 (PF)
  • Restrooms - $125,000 EA
  • Alter Furnishings - $90,000
  • Heating & A/C - $40,000
  • Flooring - $40,000
  • Confessionals - $30,000 EA
  • Sound System - $30,000
  • Roofing - $30,000
  • Portico - $15,000
  • Landscaping - $12,000
  • Pews (10) - $6,000 each (PF)
  • Outside Pavers - $3,600

(PF= partially funded)

We are grateful for your patience and your contributions as construction progresses.

Thank you for the gift of your prayers and support!!

God bless you.

Tom McGuire