Financial Report

Dear friends of Mt Claret,

I am pleased to provide our annual financial report for the fiscal year ending on June 30, 2017.

Included here are two pie charts showing our income and expenses by major categories.

We have been blessed again with a successful year in the operation of Mt. Claret Retreat Center. A full calendar of retreat groups, steady income from facility rentals and the generous support of our donors gave us the income we needed to operate successfully. We continued to hold our expenses to a minimum in the operation and maintenance of our campus. This is our fifth year in a row of ending our fiscal year in the black with a surplus. We always like to clarify on our annual report that we do not receive any financial support from the diocese. Mt. Claret is responsible for all of our income and expenses. With our surplus, we have been able to keep up with the demanding maintenance needs of our aging campus. Mt. Claret is a jewel in the crown of our diocese and worthy of our best efforts! Please see the charts below for the details.



Evening Under the Stars $40,205.60 - 7%

Endowment Distribution: $50807 - 8%

Sunday Plate Collection: $65838.84 - 11%

Rental Income: $47355.15 - 8%

Unrestricted Donations: $125388.78 - 21%

Restricted Donations: $78570.98 - 13%

Miscellaneous: $2549.78 - 1%

TOTALS: $606,386.41 - 100%



Salary & Benefits: $162,356.02 - 28%

Utilities: $80,106.94 - 14%

Development/Fundraising: $31,871.07 5%

Insurance: $26,271.24 - 4%

Maintenance/Equipment & Furnishings: $92,264.81 - 15%

Depreciation: $95,466.72 - 16%

Computer/IT/ Professional Fees: $37,861.59 - 6%

Advertising: $14,502.54 - 3%

Supplies: $38,869.38 - 7%

Dues/Fees/Assessments: $10,911.24 - 2%

TOTALS $590,481.55 - 100%

NET SURPLUS $15,904.86

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